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Bible Passages

The Basics:

- Born in 1960 in Detroit, Mi

- Baptized Catholic as an infant and attended Catholic school in 1st grade and mass growing up.  Smoked my first joint on a retreat.

- Messed a little in the Mormon church as an adolescent, trying to find the TRUTH

- I found the Catholic church was full of man made rules trying to please God instead of God made rules trying to please God.  I found the Mormon church to be of the occult.

- I was born again a couple dozen times at Baptist bible camps but always believed Jesus to be my savior.  I was spirit filled 1993. 

The Race:

Spring 2003 - coming soon!

Winter 2003 - The new year is here and the new race is on.  I hope to continue my great fellowship with the Lord I've had over the last 6 months, even though I'll be going back to work consuming much of my time. 

More of the past to follow!




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