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Well, not literally, but it can make you spiritually numb!

We have seen religious churches that don't believe much in God as loving Father, but instead one of man-made rules, laws and doctrine.  They preach God is ready to zap them for their sins and somehow must rid of these sins in their own strength.

If I only had a nickel for every person that has turned from God and the church because of these false teachings and hypocritical ways. Use wisdom in picking a chruch!

If I know the shepherd, Jesus, than I am his sheep, and His sheep know His voice.  In other words, Jesus has left us the Holy Spirit to allow us to discern his teachings, so I need to be actively discerning all I hear while in church.  If it doesn't line up with God's word and His character -- it ain't so!! It doesn't matter who on this earth says it!

Choose carefully who you listen to and what church you attend.  There are times that I have been better off in my relationship with the Lord not attending a church that misses truth. Does this mean you need to find the 'perfect' church? Good luck!!!! We've never seen such a thing.  Churches are full of people just like me, fallible and not perfect. But a good church must essentially be founded on and be teaching the truth. The bible tells us that churches that teach anything but the truth, teach heresy. I have learned to keep my eyes on God, not men because if I base my faith on people I will always be disappointed and led astray!!!!! 

The Sabbath in the new covenant is for all times.  I continuously commune with God throughout the week, not just an hour or two on Sundays.  I'm not going to hell for not going to church, but I may, if I turn away from God due to false teachings.

Now don't let this be an excuse to sleep in on Sunday's, for the Lord tells us if we don't gather with him we will be scattered.   We need other Christians in our life to be an example to us and to help renew our minds.  It's an ungodly world out there, and I need all the help I can get to face it week after week.  For me personally, the praise and worship alone  draws me closer to God, even if I have to walk out before the preaching begins!

I guess the point is, don't go to church for the wrong reasons. Real righteousness comes from Jesus, only self-righteousness comes from pride on your attendance record!



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