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What is Faith?

Some people think that God expects us to have Ďfaithí in something we donít know to be true, just a blind belief in a god based on what others tell us to believe. This is so wrong!!!!!!

The word faith is bantered about and its true meaning has been blurred by misuse. Some people think of faith as their Ďreligioní. Others may consider faith to be misplaced trust, and still some think of it as belief in something they canít see. In reality, faith is so much more. It is the basis, or the foundation in which our relationship with God is grounded. We are re-generated by Godís grace through our faith.  A look at the Greek word for faith is so much more descriptive. In the Greek the word for faith is based on the meaning of being 'won over or persuaded'. True faith is derived at by being won over and persuaded by God of His existence and love for me. This then, is based on something.

How well do you see?  

Letís face it. Our eyes can deceive us! I've seen those pictures that look different depending on how long I look at it. Heck, magicians use our poor sense of sight all the time to deceive us. Godís word says that faith is the evidence of things not seen. We donít have faith because we blindly believe. We reason the many specific evidences that God shows us and through this reasoning come to the general conclusion of the existence of a living, caring, loving God. Still donít believe in God? Keep your mind open to reasoning and ask Him to show you the evidence.

Our faith is based on the sum of the evidences God has shown us. We might not be able to 'see' God, but the evidence of Him is all around me.  We think its like circumstantial evidence in a trial. You may not be able to see a video of the crime, but the sum of the evidence leads to a probable conclusion. Of course, there's no crime here, just the awesome love of our God, wooing us to Him!

How much Faith do I have?

Don't be confused.  God has given us all the same measure of faith.  We used to think some of these top preachers had so much more faith than we had, so we worked at increasing it.  But it's unbelief that varies from person to person.

Jesus is frustrated by our unbelief as he ministers on earth.  He asks how long he'll have to put up with it.  When the disciples fail to cast out a demon, Jesus explains that this type can only be cast out by prayer (and fasting).  All demons must bow to the name of Jesus so it's clear that he is talking about the unbelief in them, not the demon.    

We don't struggle anymore trying to increase our faith, but by prayer and fasting, we work out our unbelief.

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