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If you've found this site interesting and want to know some more, here are some links to some great sites:

Andrew Wommack  The Gospel Truths

God put on our hearts these radical truths long ago.  Even during ministry school we knew these truths but held off sharing them much -- as not to offend anyone.

Andrew Wommack's teachings confirmed these truths in us.  He is truly a man after God and does not let the "angry Pharisees" of today distort the true covenant we have with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bob Yandian  Grace Fellowship and The School of the Local Church

Pastor Yandian is the most anointed man of God when it comes to the Word of God.  He truly know God, His face, and His character.  He and Geoff Jackson, the dean of our alma mater, have written the Lord's word on our hearts like no others.

Joyce Meyer  Life in The Word

A true women of God that has seen plenty of ups and downs in her life.  Through these experiences, she has come up with the most practical means of dealing with Life in The Word.  Through the Holy Spirit, she can convict even the holiest of us about a sink full of dirty dishes or not returning a shopping cart to it's proper location.

 The Unbound Bible  Search the Bible

This sight gives you the ability to search the bible by numerous means and bibles.  Just key in a word or two and it takes you to every passage that contains the words.  Let this be your concordance.                     


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