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The Rolling StonesTalking about my 'RE' Generation...

Is this kind of like the Pepsi Generation, or the Me Generation? Or even the X-Generation?

Actually, being a part of the Re-Generation is much cooler! Those of us that are a part of the Re-Generation have been touched by the awesome power of God and have been spiritually re-connected to the creator of the universe.

What does this do for me?

Well, besides reserving my spot in heaven, this re-establishes my relationship with God, which in turn gives me access to His kingdom as His kid!  My generation is the re-generation, the generation that gets to spend here to eternity, in the love and care of God.

Benefits to being RE-Generated

bulletpower to overcome obstacles
bulletpower to be healed
bulletpower to love my enemies
bulletpower to prosper in all things



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