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The Apostle Paul tells us to run the race and faint not.  To us it means I am doing well if we at least started the race here on earth -- pursuing God on a daily basis and hoping to reach the end with an established relationship with the Lord.

We know his best for us is peace beyond all understanding, joy, health and prosperity.  We've reaped these fruits from the Lord from planting our relationship with Him in this life.

We have at least left the starting line and are trying not to faint.  We base our success on how our relationship is going with God.  We try not to base this so much on how we "feel" but what the bible says about "who we are in Jesus".

Are we perfect? Heck no! We will not present to you our self-righteousness because we try not to have any! We're sinners, just like everyone else. We've no longer are waiting to be perfect to start our 'Christian walk'. 

God reveals Himself to us anyway!! HE knows we're not perfect! We decided not to let conventional 'religion', religious ideas, and man-made rules keep us from having what God intended for us to have with Him, that is a glorious relationship with our Father, with all its benefits and freedoms!

I haven't arrived yet, but at least I've left!We've tasted of God's good, peace, and joy.  It's pretty good stuff and we'd like to get it on a more consistent basis.   So we continue to seek His face. We will until the Finish Line!



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