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Here is a shocking statement:

I will never, in this lifetime, stop sinning and my sins don't keep me from going to heaven.

Face it, we all have sin in our lives, Believers and non-believers. Either we all go to hell for our sin or just those that have no atonement for their sin. But I don't let the sin in my life stop me from having a relationship with The Lord. This is Satan's greatest deception.

I know I'm through hiding and running away from my Lord because of my sin. God sees me as perfect through Jesus, so why would I want to destroy my relationship with God just because of lies from Satan. As a Christian, I've got atonement for my sins, past, present and FUTURE! How do I know this? Easy, because if this was not true, Jesus would have to go to the cross again. That would mean what He did was not enough.

Jesus Plus Nothing!

Frankly, I'd be kidding myself and full of pride if I think I can do something Jesus didn't cover. And if I think I've gotten sin out of my life, I make Him out as liar, therefore I am a sinner!

Hopeless, isn't it?! That's WHY we need a savior!!!!! We're spiritual beings stuck in a body of sinful flesh.

Many churches have emphasized ‘visible’ sin. They have focused on what is easily seen and have ignored ‘unseen’ sin. They have ignored the ‘heart’ of man, the mind, the will and emotions that can fester and decay with unseen sin. The struggle between spirit and flesh

The apostle Paul verifies that we do what we don't want to do, and don't do what we should.  Do we think God didn't realize this? Then why do we pretend that if we don't do a couple 'bad' things we're free from sin? The answer to that is easy - we don't understand sin!!!!!

The first step in being free is understanding that sin is anything in disobedience to God. There's only one person that walked this earth doing always the will of God, and that was Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Jesus had a secret to how he did this. It was - are you ready - that He walked in perfect relationship with the Father! Jesus did not walk around this earth worrying about sin. He walked around in perfect 'harmony' with the Father and it is that relationship that enabled him to walk free from sin!  Most of us have had this concept twisted around! A closer relationship and walk with the Lord is the only way to get sin out, not waiting for sin to leave so I can start my relationship!!!!!

The Bible tells us God looks at the heart. We’re busy judging actions and leaving hearts corrupt, yet this is what God will be looking at!!

Ok, are we beginning to see the picture? Did you read the page about GRACE yet? The truth is we're all sinning all the time. If only non-sinners got to heaven, there would only be God there! By accepting Jesus as my covering for sin, I can cease worrying and stop being sin focused and become God focused!!!!! God knows I'm going to screw up, and He made a provision for it! Just as a 'natural' parent wouldn't desert their kids for making a mistake, neither does our 'heavenly' Father! When I see how much I mean to Him, believe me, I don't want to sin! But do I, yes. What really happens when I focus on Him and our relationship is that sinning just seems to not happen as much.  Its really a circle of events, as I draw closer to God, He helps me move away from my disobedience, thereby drawing me ever closer to Him. 

There's really only ONE Sin!

What is really comes down to is this: There's only one sin that keeps me out of heaven, and that's the sin of not believing in Jesus, because I take Him up on His offer, He covers the rest!!!!!! Isn't' that GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, does this mean I can sin all I want?

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