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Bible PassagesShame on you!

Shame on you if you came here and really thought you could!

The apostle Paul answered this question with an emphatic heck no! In fact, I donít ever WANT to sin. Why? Because when I do, I separate myself from my relationship with God. He doesnít do this, I do it because Iím ashamed.

There's no doubt that I can really get a lot of pleasure from sin.  If I didn't I wouldn't do it!  Unfortunately, most of my sin is only good for a season.  I could derive a lot of fun from getting drunk or fooling around with my neighbors wife, but natural law says I'd die a drunk in a ditch or contract some wonderful disease like AIDS if I don't shorten my season of self pleasure.

But it's not death that keeps me from sinning.  It's the distance I create from my Lord due to my sin --  I can run away and hide with the best of 'em.  I slowly, but surely, lose the supernatural peace, joy and  power I once had derived from my relationship with Him.

No longer am I viewing things in a "Heavenly perspective", but I am back to walking in the natural ways and once again begin reaping all the crap that this world has to offer.

Now all of a sudden I feel that separation and it hurts. I've lost the power of Him in my life. And let me tell you, once youíve experienced that you donít EVER want to lose it, and nothing in this world even compares. Again, does this mean I donít sin? No, Iím still trapped in this flesh and my will likes to kick up its ugly head, but believe me, it's never, ever my spirit man's desire to sin!!



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