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Bible Passages

The Bible is NOT just an ordinary book!

If we can believe God created Heaven and Earth, we can believe HE  created a book for us to help us know Him. The bible says it was inspired and "God breathed" by the Holy Spirit and is "THE WORD" of God. Yes, men wrote it, but under the inspiration of God! We study the Greek bible to avoid man's translation. The book is what God intended for us. It reveals His character, who we are in Him, and what his intentions are for us.

There is no reason to believe that it needs to be updated to fit today's social consciousness. We believe it's a living bible and that it fits for all generations. 

We read the New Living Translation for easier reading.  We shouldn't be surprised when God talks to us while we're not reading the Old English (King James).  The bible is just pages with a cover on it, it's only the Word inside that has any sacredness to it.   Some of ours look like they've been through the dishwasher and garbage disposal a few times with the studying and writing we do in them.  We encourage everyone to actively read the bible.  It is a window into the spiritual or supernatural, and a mirror that reveals who I am.  Many folks get personal revelation from God while reading His word.

What about Contradictions?

Both are right!  Meditate on it and learn God's nature. It usually is the difference of what God has for us, and what God's best is for us. Many things that appear contradictory are not if I get the true meaning and apply it to the context it was written in and understand who it was written to (the saved vs. the unsaved, etc.).  I find if I seek the TRUTH of God's Word, these discrepancies disappear!

Should I read the Bible or Listen to it?

God talks to me through his word, whether I read it, listen to it, meditate on it, or memorize it.  He says we should renew our minds from hearing the word.  The world is constantly filling my head with "stinking thinking".  If I'm not actively renewing my mind the world will for me.    

God was constantly talking to me, but I barely found time to listen.  Now that I want to read the bible instead of having to, I can spend the time reading it and listening to Him.  Rarely do I walk away from one of these sessions without some revelation from God.

Many times these revelations are not the answer to my 'question of the day', but  reveals something about my past or future.  Knowing who I am in Jesus and spending some quiet time with the Lord, clues me in on what He has for me at the moment. 

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